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Animal Protection
Save Animals Through Unity (S.A.T.U)

There are simply too many cats for the number of homes that want a pet, and we humans are not always the most responsible guardians even when we do accept these animals into our homes. Too frequently, cats end up lost or abandoned and revert to a feral lifestyle in order to survive. Animals shelters suffer under the weight of high demand for services and too few resources, and the result is a burgeoning population of unowned cats that urgently require attention and effective management. There are some organisations that claim to have compassion for animals and to stand up against cruelty to animals are not endowed financially nor have the capacity of house and care for the exploding stray population. Ending up, they still comes out with the same situation which is abandoning animals because of some reasons. Every year, thousands of cats suffer as strays and these high numbers are the result of unplanned litters.The population dynamics of stray cats make the problem particularly difficult to deal with, while the effects of predation by cats and the spread of disease affect all of us to some extent. Not only that, with the recent event of covid-19 pandemic have cause the government enforced Movement Control Order(MCO) to control the spread of covid-19. Under MCO, many people staying indoors and non-essential businesses including restaurant and roadside eateries were shut and closed. This make the situation of stray animals becoming hard as their usual food and water supply from these businesses and restaurants are suddenly cut off which causes them to face starvation and dehydration. Hence, to combat the problems caused by the cat overpopulation crisis, we as a society need to acknowledge the value of cats and raise the level of care and responsibility for these domestic animals. So, animal welfare is one of the most important thing to overcome this problem. In this aspects, we need to consider about animal care and its food during this pandemic.

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